I’m a Barbie Girl

This party is the perfect example of why I love what I do. A mom called me searching for a very specific Barbie party for her daughter. Her daughter didn’t want just any Barbie party, she wanted a “Barbie and the Secret Door” party. That’s not something you’ll find in any stores, not even on etsy. I was happy to watch the movie and really customize the party for her to fit the theme.



Frame on board: Michaels / Fabric on Board: Joanns / Butterflies on Board: AC Moore / Flowers we made from coffee filters and dyed with fabric dye / Glass Vases: Dollar Tree / Pink Poofs, Confetti Jewels, and Placemats: Hobby Lobby / Paper Goods: Walmart / Coloring Books: eBay


She wanted a Barbie look alike to attend the party too so I made this poofy no sew long tutu out of tulle. I found a one shoulder tank and pinned (can you tell I don’t sew?) tulle poofs that I made to it. And voila, a Barbie costume!



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