Nursery Tour

I posted a photo of Lilah’s nursery on Instagram a couple weeks ago and I wanted to show you the rest of her room!   


 Most everything in my nursery is from Pottery Barn. My mom also turned a room in her house into a nursery as well. Most everything in hers is from Resoration Hardware. The mirror is spray painted from ikea and the photo above the bed is an actual photo of a tree at their house in Maine just blown up and framed.  We both had to have chandeliers! (obsessed)  
Here’s some pics of the DIY projects we each did.    

I just love this room. It’s so bright and pretty and functional for a small 10 x 10 room. There’s a lot of love in here. Andre and his mom painted the room (Valspar Fair Maiden in case you’re wondering) and my mom bought the crib (Pottery Barn) and the dresser (Bellini) for us. Andre also made the shelves and I spray painted the brackets and accessories gold. Most everything else was a gift at my shower and I do remember exactly who got us what. We also asked for books instead of cards to jump start our collection. Everyone wrote a note inside the book they gave which has been fun to read. 

I hope this gives someone some inspiration! Thanks for reading!


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