Knee Socks

There’s no secret knee socks are making a comeback. They’re in everyone’s instagram posts lately, perfect for the season. They’re great for lounging, to wear with boots, and even make the perfect stocking stuffer!   
Chrissy’s Socks sent me these knee socks for review and I just loved all the patterns they had to offer. I had a hard time picking my faves! I already regret not getting the donut socks. And they’re the perfect height and stay up all day long. 


Probably the coolest thing about this company is that you can basically design your own socks if you order a minimum of 12. Which is like a dream come true for a party planner- Sock Hop? Sleepover Party? Roller Derby? I mean these socks are basically filling a void that I didn’t even know I had! 

Check out their social media pages for more inspo:


Butterfly Baby Shower

This was a baby shower for a friend of mine. She wanted a lavender butterfly theme. It was small and there wasn’t a ton of room so I didn’t want to bring the whole backdrop set up like I often do. I set it up in front of the pretty window and used 3 balloons for the backdrop instead. Keeping with the theme, balloons fly just like butterflies do. It was very pretty in person but not so great for pictures. I bought fresh flowers too because butterflies love flowers. The printout in the frame matched the invitations and had the new baby’s name on it. And I cut out little purple butterflies that I stuck randomly to things on the table to tie together the theme. I wanted a really clean look so I did a runner instead of a banner. 

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Party in a Box 


This is just a fun little project I did recently for a friend of mine. It’s literally a party in a box! I thought it would be a fun way to send her a gift card for her birthday. I just used a gift card box from Target and filled it with candles (Dollar Tree), birthday cake gum (Target), pink confetti (Hobby Lobby), and a balloon (Dollar Tree)  attached with washi tape (Target). Then just add the gift card and mail! She loved it!! I actually made a mini birthday banner to add to it before I sent it but I forgot to take a picture. 

If you use a bigger box you could put little gifts in it too! Like nail polish and lipgloss would be cute. Even a birthday hat and blower would be fun. 

I’ve had to plan 4 parties this month so I’ve been using every spare second to do that but I’m almost caught up! I’ll post those pics and some new posts soon. We’ve also been house hunting a little which has been so exciting! 

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Cotton Candy Party

I planned this party a few weeks back. It was a Glam 16 Cotton Candy themed party. It was such a cute theme but I was very worried about it looking too gender reveal or baby shower-like with all that pink and blue. I tried to make sure the colors were not too pastel and I added gold to make it more mature. I made faux cotton candy out of spray painted cotton batting. I had less than 2 weeks to put this party together and she really didn’t want to spend a lot.  She had 30 guests. I never got a final pic with the cake but that’s what the giant gap on the table is for.   


Andre worked all weekend so we didn’t really get to do anything fun and I have no cute looks to share! But next weekend we will have more time. I hope everyone has a great week!!

Nursery Tour

I posted a photo of Lilah’s nursery on Instagram a couple weeks ago and I wanted to show you the rest of her room!   


 Most everything in my nursery is from Pottery Barn. My mom also turned a room in her house into a nursery as well. Most everything in hers is from Resoration Hardware. The mirror is spray painted from ikea and the photo above the bed is an actual photo of a tree at their house in Maine just blown up and framed.  We both had to have chandeliers! (obsessed)  
Here’s some pics of the DIY projects we each did.    

I just love this room. It’s so bright and pretty and functional for a small 10 x 10 room. There’s a lot of love in here. Andre and his mom painted the room (Valspar Fair Maiden in case you’re wondering) and my mom bought the crib (Pottery Barn) and the dresser (Bellini) for us. Andre also made the shelves and I spray painted the brackets and accessories gold. Most everything else was a gift at my shower and I do remember exactly who got us what. We also asked for books instead of cards to jump start our collection. Everyone wrote a note inside the book they gave which has been fun to read. 

I hope this gives someone some inspiration! Thanks for reading!

Frozen Frenzy!

Frozen Birthday Party Inspiration! These are some of the many Frozen parties we’ve done over the last year or so. Most of these photos are from my Party Boutique but we’ve also done them at houses too!  This has been one of my favorite themes to design. We try to do it a little different every time. I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves but if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!  

I’ve been a little all over the place lately so later today I’m going to put a blog schedule in the sidebar so you know what topics to expect on each day from me every week. 

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Party Essentials

These are the places I buy all of my essentials from! They are the cheapest I’ve found, best selection, good quality, and best of all you can buy them in person rather than online in case you’re purchasing last minute. I always get clear cups because I think they look nicer than paper and super cute with paper straws in them. BONUS: free straw flag template download below! I also neverrrrr buy character plates. I like to mix and match my essentials to coordinate with my theme and use the characters in other elements. This makes your party look more thought out and unique.


FREE Download: strawflagtemplate

Just downloaded and add your text (leaving room to cut the triangle at the end) and print! Then cut and glue them to the straws.

Party On! And feel free to pin this for future refernce!