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Knee Socks

There’s no secret knee socks are making a comeback. They’re in everyone’s instagram posts lately, perfect for the season. They’re great for lounging, to wear with boots, and even make the perfect stocking stuffer!   
Chrissy’s Socks sent me these knee socks for review and I just loved all the patterns they had to offer. I had a hard time picking my faves! I already regret not getting the donut socks. And they’re the perfect height and stay up all day long. 


Probably the coolest thing about this company is that you can basically design your own socks if you order a minimum of 12. Which is like a dream come true for a party planner- Sock Hop? Sleepover Party? Roller Derby? I mean these socks are basically filling a void that I didn’t even know I had! 

Check out their social media pages for more inspo: